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We are specialists in custom software development.

Our future business will include Income trading coaching, mentoring, and trading strategy development. Automated derivative trading is the future. We have simplified a very complex business area of derivative trading. The meta-algorithm have been in development for over 10 years.

We have developed high probability trading systems that limit complexity, manage risk, that are fully scale-able to varying account dimensions. Before automation a manual trading system is developed, used for many years by multiple traders for proof of concept. At a minimum generated 10% per year, scaling to over 30% per year consistently.

With shrinking work places due to automation, globalization, with escalating utilities, and real estate prices. Business are downsizing all variables, such as staff and location. Shifting away from centralized business models, making way for distributed work-at-home model, and we all know about outsourcing and globalization affect on the job market.

Basic Income Generator.

This opens the opportunity for us to use the latest technology advances, and our technology background to automate income generation. Many baby boomers are being eliminated by automation and foreign workers. Using existing capital and our trading systems, individuals can generate enough for retirement. Sure there is risk but that can be managed using proven risk management concepts. All it takes is our training and mentoring. It takes up approximately 1-3 hours a day to use our trading system. The more time allocated the better the results. However, capping it to 3 hours a day is ultimate.


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